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"I have known Shonta for over a year as her client and friend. Being Mayor of Harrisonburg, my time and schedule quickly became out of control. I needed someone to assist me with events, presentations, organization and strategies. I hired Shonta as my personal consultant and she has completed changed my life. Shonta has a high-level expertise in revitalizing brands, event planning, execution, and communication. As my consultant, Shonta planned, coordinated, organized and communicated all information for my events outside of the city. She did strategic planning with me on a personal level. She has an out of the box way of thinking and she is extremely professional. Shonta is a go to person. She is a great charismatic speaker. She is a relationship builder and can connect with anyone. 


In short, Shonta Sellers has a first-class character. She has a polished confidence that sets her well above others. She is an articulate, informed, and motivated woman, and I warmly recommend her."

Mayor Deanna Reed

City of Harrisonburg, VA 

"Shonta is a delight to work with! She has the uncanny ability to help your vision, and uses her marketing and consulting skills to help you achieve your vision. She's very creative and always seems to have an endless list of creative ideas. I highly Recommend her for your marketing needs!"